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Technology Consulting: how we're different

Updated: May 5, 2022

What we mean by "true advocacy technology consultants" is that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients providing sound advice. We always present multiple options, compare and contrast them, and provide a cost/benefit analysis of each. This means our clients are empowered with the information they need to make informed decisions with respect to their technology investments.

This is different from most IT firms of any type and size because we don't have interests in any specific technology solution, provider, hardware, software, cloud-based offering, etc., but rather our only concern is for the well being of our clients. In short, here's our approach:

  • Plexus8 remains platform-agnostic which means we are free of conflicts-of-interest;

  • Our top priority is to earn and maintain our clients' trust as their objective advisors;

  • Our consulting includes facilitating direct procurement at cost but we throughly manage the vendor relationships; and

  • We consult, design, engineer, implement, manage, & support our clients' technology; in other words, we function as a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

After listening to a given client's origin story, their current position, concerns and objectives, and plans for the future, we first perform their Technology Assessment Project (TAP). A combination of onsite and remote efforts, onboarding is comprised of a full inventory of their Internet connection(s), firewalls, routers, network switches, server infrastructure (if any), cloud-based services, email, endpoint security, workstations, laptops, mobile devices, peripherals such as printers and scanners, applications, business continuity strategy, remote access methodology, and more.

Once our tools are installed and our secure documentation is done, through a single pane-of-glass, our Client Support Services team proactively manages and supports the IT infrastructure. The TAP is concluded with a delivery of our first Quarterly Consultant's Report which summarizes our findings with prioritized recommendations for additional projects; e.g, a new firewall, replacing workstations older than five years, etc.

We're different because we care more than most, do more than most, and always bear in mind that successful relationships are built on mutual trust, setting and exceeding expectations, remaining reliable, responsive, and dedicated throughout.

Our initial consultation is always free of charge.

Feel free to email us at or schedule a Zoom meeting.

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