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Why Law Firms?

Updated: May 5, 2022

When I first entered the full-time professional arena at age 18, I worked at a law firm as a Word Processing Operator. Throughout my 20's I held additional support staff roles including legal secretary, legal assistant, paralegal, and Word Processing Department Supervisor. At each law firm, although initially hired for a specific role, I would ultimately earn the position of Network Administrator, Director of IT, or similar.

This path would significantly increase my skill set and corresponding compensation as my career progressed. As I would help revamp each law firm's IT infrastructure to reflect contemporary technology, I helped facilitate workflow automation to improve efficiency and productivity, all while becoming extremely familiar with specific operational needs and solutions.

Although in 2006 I switched from working exclusively in the legal field to working in the Information Technology field in general while servicing the small-to-medium sized business segment, my focus on law firms continued.

As Founder & CEO of Plexus8 and, prior to that, Advocate Technology Group, over the past 15 years our client base of mostly attorneys and law firms has grown. Whether we're working with the managing partner, the receptionist, or all attorneys and staff, our team is effective at providing real-world technology consulting, implementation, and ongoing support to solo practitioner attorneys as well as small and large law firms.

Plexus8 embraces the client advocacy model and, as such, representing our clients' interests is integral to our company's ethos. We therefore view our role as consultants in this manner. For example, we hold Internet Service Providers (ISPs) accountable to their Service-Level Agreement (SLA): "Well, Smith & Smith LLP are paying for x Internet speed so you need to fix the performance issue and meet the your obligations under the terms of your contract." Another example: "As you know, our client / your customer's server is under warranty and, per its terms, you need to send us the replacement component via overnight shipping."

Rather than being tied to specific solutions, we have broad and extensive experience with many hardware platforms, practice management and document management systems, time and billing solutions, word processing applications, document comparison software, cost-capture print management software, legal research tools, and much more.

As one might gather from reading this post, we have many references available upon request. Here are some of our client testimonials.

Our initial consultation is always free of charge.

Feel free to email us at or schedule a Zoom meeting.

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