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Business Continuity (disaster recovery)

Updated: May 5, 2022

While it's true that in many cases a simple backup strategy may seem sufficient, its value is often limited when it comes to restore. For example, even if a proper backup method is employed with respect to servers and workstations beyond merely the data, to include the System State in the hopes of performing full recovery if/when needed, the scenario assumes local availability and reliability. This means that if the restore job fails or, for some reason, the local backup is otherwise unavailable, then recovery isn't possible.

Most people know the age-old axiom : "data should never live in just one place" but a local backup of data and system state isn't enough either. A true backup / restore schema will include a Cloud-based component as well. More ideal, we have (a) the data backed up locally, (b) the system state backed up locally such that a full recovery is theoretically possible, and (c) if needed, both / either can be retrieved from the Cloud.

A tremendous amount of important business data is still stored locally on employee workstations. We recommend you protect it with our Cloud Continuity for Workstations. We offer appliance-free Windows backup directly to the Cloud, ensuring that your data is protected no matter what. Plexus8 offers protection of workstations from downtime and data loss; we are able to rapidly recover data if disaster strikes.

Plexus8's Advanced Business Continuity solutions mean high availability. For example, what if a server or workstation fails and recovery using a classic restore job method isn't feasible; e.g., what if the building itself is unavailable due to a fire, flood, earthquake, civil unrest, etc.? We implement customized Cloud-based solutions in which we, perhaps along with your own designated staff, can "spin up" a virtualized instance of the system(s) and, as long as your users have Internet access (with decent speed and reliable connectivity) from wherever, they can securely access the company's IT infrastructure and resume business.

Let's look at it from another perspective. What if your organization has already exclusively moved to the Cloud; for example, Box, Egnyte, etc.? If you have office(s), then dual Internet Service Providers at each location configured with automatic failover at the firewall / router level becomes critically important and a Cloud-to-Cloud full backup / restore & disaster recovery strategy is imperative.

In any case, we're happy to help ensure your organization is protected so that you can remain up-and-running.

Our initial consultation is always free of charge.

Feel free to email us at or schedule a Zoom meeting.

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